February 19, 2019

The Building Energy Challenge uses the ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager (ESPM) platform to measure and monitor the energy performance of buildings, allowing for comparisons of each building’s progress from one year to the next. As indicated in the Participant’s Guide (available on the BEC website), all data are treated confidentially. In the second step of BEC registration, enter your building(s) on this platform to establish the initial parameters.

As part of the services provided by the energy consultant for your organization and your building(s), it is quite likely that the consultant has already registered the building on the ESPM platform to facilitate building management.

With your authorization, your energy performance consultant can thus facilitate your participation. To take part in the competition, simply share your data with the BEC. Talk with your consultant to find out how he can help you (with your authorization).

2018 is the reference year, the point of departure for establishing your objectives as regards improving energy efficiency, and the point of comparison for evaluating your future efforts and your overall performance.

The deadline for entering energy data for 2018 is March 28, 2019. Monthly data must be kept up to date and we encourage you, as a manager, to be involved in this very simple task.

The BEC is your chance to have a real impact on reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, while at the same time lowering your energy costs and improving your tenants’ comfort. Besides letting you monitor the sound management of your building, your participation also allows the industry to access up-to-the-minute data. Everyone benefits.

Speak to your energy consultant and take part in the Challenge.

You’ve got everything you need!


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