Did you know that you can maximize the return on your property by means of comparative analysis or benchmarking?

November 27, 2018

Nowadays energy performance makes a direct contribution to raising the value of buildings. We have already observed in Quebec and elsewhere an increase in the value of eco-efficient buildings, as well as a gradual decline in value for outmoded or poorly performing buildings.


Are you familiar with comparative analysis? Why compare energy use? Comparative analysis or benchmarking is the process of comparing performance indicators with superior, better, median and/or historical performances. It is the first step in an energy management plan. It involves monitoring your consumption of energy over time in order to identify sectors that could benefit from improvements. Moreover, regularly monitoring your energy consumption allows you to measure and analyze the impact of your energy efficiency actions.


Measure First, then Manage

By using comparative analysis as a tool to improve your energy efficiency efforts, you can better manage your energy consumption. Improving energy consumption reduces your carbon footprint, improves the comfort of building occupants and reduces costs. Your building thus becomes more competitive, and you contribute to increasing the market value of your real estate assets. Those accomplishments will also allow you to obtain recognized certifications and accreditations, raising the value even more.


Where do I begin?

The Building Energy Challenge gives you access to multiple resources and tools to assist you in your comparative analysis. The information gleaned allows you to evaluate your building’s energy performance and compare it not only to past performance, but also to that of your peers within the industry. Not only that, but your efforts can be recognized all across Quebec! Thanks to the free online tool Energy Star Portfolio Manager, you can use your comparative analysis to target your energy efficiency priorities, validate your improvements and your GHG reductions. To find out more, consult the Participant’s Guide and the available resources at


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