1. In order to participate, the first step consists of registering your building on this website. The participation form is at the bottom of this page
  2. Carefully read the Participant’s Guide.
  3. Go to the ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager platform to create your account and share it with BEC. If you already have an account, use it and share it with BEC.
  4. You have until February 28 each year to enter your energy data and officialize your participation for the previous year.See page 6 of the Participant’s Guide for details.
  5. Once you have completed steps 1 and 3, your participation becomes official and your Participant’s Kit becomes available in the Participants Zone.
  6. If you wish to file for the Collaboration award, download the Collaboration form to submit your candidacy.

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BEC uses the ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager platform to measure and monitor the energy performance of buildings. It provides a snapshot of your building’s progress from one year to the next. This simple, free tool is available online. Enter your energy consumption data, and you’ll be able to monitor your building’s consumption of electricity, natural gas and water, as well as its greenhouse gas emissions. The Energy Star® tool is used for data collection. The Energy Star ® rating will not be considered.

Three levels of recognitionwill be repeated over the years

Several performance measures and award categories are defined as part of the Challenge. They were designed to foster cooperation, excellence and perseverance of the participants.

GHG target
This is the very foundation of the competition. By 2021, the target for all participants will be to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their buildings by a minimum of 10% below the level it was at the time of registration for the competition. In 2021, GHG levels will be compared to the preceding year in order to those of the first year of registration. Winners will be determined according according to the extent of GHG reduction (10 to 14.9%, 15% to 19.9% and 20% +)
Improved performance
In this category, the percentage decrease in energy consumed in buildings will be compared to the preceding year in order to identify those that reduced their energy consumption in the final year. In this aspect of the competition, building categories will be determined by use, surface area and similar levels of energy consumption, and buildings will compete against each other. Winners are buildings that have reduced energy consumption the most in their respective categories. The first recognitions in this category will be awarded at the 2020 Award ceremony.
For building managers and tenants who participate and who demonstrate ongoing collaboration, the criteria evaluated will be collaborative efforts, commitment, positive impacts and the progressive evolution of their initiatives.

Eligible buildings

  • Office buildings
  • Retail businessesl
  • Multi-residential buildings
  • Buildings in health care
  • Mixed use buildings
  • Universal Buildings
  • Education Sector Buildings



Energy firms and professionals can also take part in the Building Energy Challenge! We want to encourage key players in the milieu to promote their expertise and their efforts to support energy transition in commercial buildings across Quebec.

Participating firms must confirm their participation via the following link as soon as possible:

You have until February 28, 2020 to submit the list of your active clients who are taking part in the BEC. That info will be then verified by the BEC governance committee.

The firm with the greatest number of clients registered in the BEC will win the award. Good luck!

An appreciation evening will be organized each year to reward the winners.

The first recognition evening will be held in Spring 2020, in Montreal.
A grand gala will be held in 2022 to unveil and reward the buildings champions.


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Important note to participants: You must have an account on the Energy Star Portfolio Manager platform to participate in the IAD. If you do not have one yet, you need to create it and enter your data to formalize your participation in the IAD. It is easy and free. To help you, a Participant Guide is available above for download.

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Collaboration award
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Qualitative form to be completed by property managers and tenants who participate jointly in the BEC and who demonstrate ongoing collaboration.

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