April 2, 2020

Here are a few highlights that we are proud of. We would like to share them with you:


–  To date, the Building Energy Challenge has a total of 162 participants registered, buildings that meet the requirements for participation in the competition.

–  They represent a total surface area of 4,898,027 m2, or 3.41% of the total surface area of commercial and institutional buildings in Quebec.

–  From 2018 to 2019, the 162 participants’ greenhouse gas emissions declined by 1715 tonnes of co2-eq. That represents a reduction of 3.36% in 1 year, or 33% of the BEC objective of 10% over 3 years. It is the equivalent of more than 400 fewer vehicles on our roads!

–  In 1 year, energy intensity fell by 2.56%. Participants are setting an example to building mangers in the commercial and institutional sectors in Quebec, whose EI improved by only 2.8% over 27 years (1990 to 2017)!

We are extremely proud of this progress! We hope that their performance will motivate other organizations to register for the BEC and participate in this important collective effort.

Congratulations to the participants. Keep up the good work!
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