Welcome to the Building Energy Challenge!

November 27, 2018

The Building Energy Challenge is a unique competition for the Quebec real estate industry. It focuses on reducing energy consumption and is a friendly, stimulating competition that will take place over 4 years. The goal is to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) in commercial, institutional and multi-residential buildings across Quebec, decreasing energy consumption by at least 10% over 4 years.

The BEC provides technical advice, relevant information and access to multiple resources to encourage building owners, tenants and occupants to work together to better understand their energy consumption and to implement energy efficiency measures, from the very simple to the more complex. It is a chance to demonstrate your environmental and sustainable development leadership.

The BEC consists of several performance measures and award categories designed to encourage cooperation, excellence and sustained commitment on the part of all participants. In addition to taking part in the challenge and vying for awards, reducing energy consumption has many benefits, notably improving the environment and reducing your energy bills.

Since the BEC launch  on May 23, 40 buildings have already registered to take part.


Guiding Principles

Collaboration – Collaboration between owners, tenants and occupants is essential for the success of energy management initiatives.

Education – The Challenge gives you privileged access to many resources to help you reach your energy and GHG reduction objectives. The Participant’s Kit outlines five steps for creating and implementing energy efficiency projects in your buildings or rental space.

Innovation – The BEC encourages and recognizes effective approaches, initiatives, strategies and innovative technologies for reaching energy reduction objectives and achieving sustainable development.

Sharing Knowledge – By devising creative, innovative approaches to existing problems, participants enrich the overall expertise of the commercial real estate sector with exemplary new practices.

The mission of the Building Energy Challenge is above all to reaffirm the environmental leadership of the real estate sector, to accelerate the potential for reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and to create a movement that will mobilize the entire real estate sector.


You’ve registered but don’t know where to begin?

To help you successfully complete the BEC, you’ll receive the Participant’s Kit. It is a simple information guide for setting up and implementing energy efficiency projects. This 5-step process includes free resources and advice to help you reach your objectives.

Step 1:  Understand your building

Step 2: Create an energy management strategy

Step 3: Implement energy-saving measures

Step 4: Monitor your progress and make necessary adjustments

Step 5: Be recognized for dynamic leadership!


You can also consult the many resources available through the BEC, which include:

  • List of useful resources for managers
  • List of grants and subsidies that are available.


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Not yet registered?

What are you waiting for? Join up with buildings that have already signed up for the challenge to reduce energy consumption! It’s absolutely FREE and easy to manage with the support of experts and available resources.

We’re there for you! Don’t be shy about asking for support. Contact us for help getting started or to mobilize your buildings and your teams.

Our congratulations to all the participants who are already signed up and committed to making a positive impact on the environment. We invite eligible buildings across Quebec to join them in this lively and engaging competition.

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Good luck to all participants!


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