Winners of the 2020 Resilience Award

May 13, 2021

Given the spirit of the competition, it was important to take into account the context of the pandemic and its impact on building management. That is why the Resilience Award was created.

It is often said that some people benefit from the current crisis while others suffer from it. The real estate sector is no exception. For some properties, the impact is negligible or even positive, while for others the impact is substantial, and often bleak.

The BEC wanted to recognize the efforts of building managers who worked to achieve safe and secure management of operations and energy consumption in their buildings during the pandemic. The recipients of the award are those who were able to preserve the spirit and objectives of the Building Energy Challenge, while also reducing their energy consumption and their greenhouse gas emissions despite the difficulties of the current context. 

This year the Resilience Award was not given to a building but instead to a sector of activity – the health sector. The recipients are a private residence for senior citizens and 5 hospitals. 

Bravo to all the teams that, despite difficult and unprecedented conditions, managed to reduce their energy consumption.   

Congratulations to all the winning teams!




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