Helpful Tools Available!

October 8, 2019

We promised to provide you with support and regular communications in order to help you in your efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and implement energy savings projects. We hope that our efforts in that regard have made a difference for you.

A successful approach to any energy savings project begins with mastery of information about your building(s), and our communiqués are aimed in that direction. It’s also a good idea to reread your Participant’s Guide!

Knowledge of your energy consumption profiles and regular follow-up are essential.

We recently suggested the option of using the templates provided by ESPM. Take the time to learn how to use them. It will make your task a lot easier. You no doubt already use and are familiar with Excel software. Program a reminder into your electronic agenda, keep your files open or near to hand, and enter your data every month. And then every 3 months, transfer the information to ESPM. It’s simply and easy. All that’s required is a bit of discipline.

We have prepared a guide on how to do so, and are including it in this edition. Carefully read the article written by my colleague Mélanie, follow the instructions and there you have it.

I mentioned in the last newsletter that the Hydro-Québec client space was another extraordinary tool. Have you registered access to it for your accounts? It’s a fantastic tool. You can monitor your profiles almost in real time. All your data history is there and easy to understand, along with analyses of your electricity consumption. In fact, Énergir offers a similar service to access your cyber accounts. We’ll get back to that soon.

To help you reach your objectives, energy management information is readily accessible. Do you have such access? Keep in mind that it is required for certification of your energy savings policies, and that the BEC is committed to helping you get actively involved.

Don’t forget that the recommissioning workshops take place in Montreal on October 30 and in Quebec City on November 5. Register now! These sessions will help you understand and better pursue your own recommissioning projects. The experts on hand will provide valuable information and will address any questions you might have.

We’ll talk about budgets in our next newsletter. Have you tabled your budget? Does it include funds earmarked for energy savings measures?

We’ll examine that in greater detail together. Keep up the good work!


Mario Poirier
Program Director


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